Georgia Stevenson

Costume Practicioner

Job role
What does your role involve?

I look after Backstage students provisioning costume support for productions.

Which course do you teach on?

I teach the L3 Theatre Design & Production

How long have you taught on the course?

I have been teaching this course for 3 years.

What aspects of theatre design and production do you specialise in?

I specialise in costume design and construction, also masks, props, and set.


Educational background
What did you study and what level?

I have a First class degree in Costume design with textiles (BAhons)

Where did you study?

I Studied at Huddersfield University.

Are you currently undertaking an MA or other qualifications?

Not studying at the moment.


What is your experience of your industry?

I have been teaching this specific backstage course for 3 years. My degree was very in depth, I focused on costumes for theatre and film.


Your practice
How did your interest in theatre design and production begin?

The first moment I knew I wanted to work in theatre was the opening to the 2012 olympics in London. From that moment I began involving myself in a local drama school, however I soon realised that I was best suited behind the scenes. I specialised in print and costume construction at university and have been creating costumes ever since. Pop culture inspires my costumes, adding a twist and extra characterisation into costumes is something I enjoy.

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