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2nd November 2022

Video Transcript

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Leeds City College, 14+ Academies Feature Length

Interviewees – Alan Mckenna, Headteacher of the 14+ Academies – Leeds City College (SPEAKING) / Anees Podda, P-TECH tutor – Leeds City College (SPEAKING) / Louise Niles, Food and Nutrition Tutor – Leeds City College (SPEAKING) / Glen Gilfeather, Motor Vehicle Tutor- Leeds City College (SPEAKING) / Richard Lee, Head of Media and Performance Production – Quarry Hill (SPEAKING) / Louise Crewe, Hair & Beauty Tutor – Leeds City College (SPEAKING)

Scenery – A student picks up an impact wrench.

Scenery – A student puts on a pair of headphones.

Opening slide – Leeds City College Logo

Scenery – A student is brushing another student’s hair.

Scenery – A student is removing wheel bolts using an impact wrench under the supervision of a tutor.

Scenery – A student is putting a blade on a drone under the supervision of a tutor.

Scenery – A student is shaking flour from a bowl into another mixing bowl.

Scenery – A student is loosening wheel bolts guided by a tutor.

Alan McKenna – “Hello my name is Alan I’m the Headteacher of the 14+ academies that includes the 14+ P-TECH and the 14+ ESOL.”

Scenery – A student is washing another student’s hair.

Scenery – A group of students in a singing class

Scenery – A tutor showing a student how to control a robot.

Alan Mckenna – “We have a very different curriculum than schools. We concentrate on the young peoples’ what we call destination lead curriculum, what would they like to do post 16 and what can we help and support them in year 10 and year 11.”

Alan McKenna – “So the young people have vocational subjects such as hair & beauty such as engineering, food & nutrition, creative media, sport, health & social some of which goes on at our Quarry Hill Campus.”

Scenery – A student is practising hair styling on a training head.

Scenery – A student removes wheel bolts.

Scenery – A student is cutting butter under the guidance of a tutor.

Scenery – A student is operating a sound mixing desk.

Scenery – A student is attaching fluid to an IV drip pole.

Alan McKenna – “Engaging in them facilities and engaging in the teachers and the brilliant teachers we’ve got around the college helps a young person realise their ambitions post 16 into the world of work.”

Scenery – A tutor is flying a drone being watched closely by two students.

Scenery – A student and a tutor are discussing how a robot operates whilst sat next to a large robot.

Anees Podda – “When they first started they were really quiet, little bit insular, not really interacting with each other and now you can see the confidence has really grown. They are interacting with me, they are interacting with new staff, they are interacting with each other in a way that’s really lovely to see.”

Scenery – A student is wearing a VR headset and discussing what they can see with a fellow student.

Scenery – A tutor is flying a drone being watched closely by three students.

Louise Niles – “I think the changes I would see in the young people is their confidence, how their confidence grows , their skill development, teamwork skills, working with other people, consideration to other people and the joy they can actually learn some new skills and be good at it.”

Scenery – Some students gathering together the cooking utensils and equipment they need for their lesson from the racks.

Scenery – Two students collecting ingredients and adding them to a mixing bowl.

Scenery – A student and tutor smiling and laughing while a student is mixing the ingredients.

Glen Gilfeather – “What we try and focus on is, focus on something you enjoy, something you may be passionate about and something that you can make yourself better because it’s something you can achieve, you will make mistakes we try and teach them about resilience and what it’s like out in industry where you can make mistakes but you learn through making mistakes. But it’s just about confidence and having a go at something that in itself builds confidence.”

Scenery – Students operating a car lift under supervision of a tutor and then working on the underside of the car.

Scenery – A student hands a wheel and tyre to a fellow student.

Scenery – A student being shown how to use a tyre machine.

Richard Lee – “Students who come to the 14-16 Academy are showing maturity and decision making, they have chosen to leave the safety of school. They have chosen to leave behind that place they know and they have come to a place where they’re expected to be more grown up, they are expected to want to make their own decisions and they come to us and we treat them exactly the same as we treat our 16-18 year old students so there is a maturity…”

Scenery – A group of students performing in a show in the Quarry Hill Chroma Q theatre.

Scenery – Students participating in a singing class.

Scenery – A student is sitting at a stage manager’s desk in the theatre, following a script for a show.

Richard Lee – “… and we’re looking to build them with confidence and build on that decision making and say to them you’ve made the decision to come to us, you’ve made the decision to do something different to your peers well done now let’s make absolutely the best of it.”

Scenery – A student drying a fellow student’s hair.

Alan McKenna – “The 14+ Academies started in 2013 with 15 young people and over the last 8 years we’ve developed into an academy with over 220 young people all with a destination led curriculum with vocational subjects at the heart of what we do.”

Scenery – Two students stood under a car with a tutor discussing the task they are undertaking.

Scenery – A student is sitting discussing the parts of a drone with their tutor.

Scenery – A student places on a VR headset and begins to use it with the help of a fellow student.

Alan McKenna – “The young people come to us full time 5 days a week and will off roll from their previous school, but the difference in us to schools across the city is that they will be doing 1 full day of the vocational subject whether that be Hair & Beauty, whether that be Engineering, Health & Social, Creative Media or Sport and will be doing 4 days in the academy just like they would do in any other school with the core curriculum with English, Maths, Science but in general they’ll do about 7 or 8 GCSEs which is different to schools that are doing about 12 because we want to make sure that holistically we look after young people together with them and their families we make sure they get to the destination that they’re aiming for post 16.”

Scenery – A class of students are in a professional kitchen cooking whilst the tutor observes and assists them.

Scenery – A student is in a music classroom using a keyboard and software to create their own music.

Scenery – A student is washing a fellow student’s hair in the salon.

Louise Crewe – “College can give you that confidence in your life that you’ve come from a difficult background or something has happened in your home life and college is such a great opportunity to gain all those life skills to leave here ready for a career.”

Scenery – Two students and a tutor are draining the engine oil from a car.

Scenery – A student is sat alongside a tutor using a laptop to control a small robot.

Call to action slide – Leeds City College logo

Text – ‘For more information on the 14+ Academies, visit the link in the video description’

End slide – Leeds City College logo

We all know that the world of digital and technology is something that is vast and ever-changing, but sometimes it can feel hard to keep up. 

If you feel like this, then you’re not alone. Recent studies have shown that as many as 20% of adults have limited or no digital skills, which can make it challenging to navigate life in a tech-savvy world. 

7-11 November is Lifelong Learning Week and we’re partnering with West Yorkshire Combined Authority, University of Leeds and Leeds City Council to host a series of free taster sessions for adults of all abilities.

So, whether you’re starting with the basics or want to try something new, here’s what we’re offering to help you develop your digital abilities.

Pack your CV with digital know-how

With as many as 82% of job roles now listing digital skills as a basic requirement, it’s never been more important to demonstrate an understanding of the equipment and software commonly used in workplace settings.

Being able to talk confidently about how these skills will be useful in the role you’re applying for will give you a competitive advantage over other candidates when you’re applying for jobs. 

The Learn about Digital Skills for Life and Work sessions will provide you with an introduction to what employers are looking for. The mini skills marketplace will allow you to chat to friendly advisors about the range of training options available to help you learn new skills.

If you’ve already mastered the basics, there are also  taster sessions where you can find out more about careers in the digital sector. 

With short courses such as Introduction to Digital Marketing and Cyber, you’ll get the opportunity to identify careers and skill sets needed for a future in these dynamic, specialist fields.

Don’t let your smartphone outsmart you!

We all know the excitement of getting a brand new phone, only to discover we don’t know exactly what to do with it.

Smartphones are convenient pieces of equipment, as they allow us to contact people and access the internet from just about anyway. However, they also have lots of features that can be tricky to get your head around. 

If you’re feeling left behind, then we recommend coming along to one of the So what about my smartphone? sessions.

These sessions are designed to introduce smartphone novices to the features, functions and uses of your smartphone. You’ll learn how to use your phone for everyday activities, such as applying for jobs, paying bills, and paying for a bus ticket. 

Once you’ve nailed down the basics, there are also further sessions available that teach you how to stay connected with your smartphone, such as What should I know about social media? and How to use emails effectively.

Try your hand at something new

Advancements in technology are being made every day and more and more aspects of the digital sector are emerging that you may not previously have heard of.

Whilst developments in sectors such as robotics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity might seem daunting, gaining a basic understanding of some of these fields will help you to better understand the digital world around you and make it more accessible. 

Our Introduction to coding & programming sessions are designed to introduce learners to the principles of coding to introduce and progress you to intermediate coding applications.

Also on offer is the Discover extended reality and making coding fun split session, in which participants will have the opportunity to experience 3D Games using virtual reality hardware, and introduce you to the world of using programming to interface with hardware devices.

And if you’ve ever thought of yourself as the next big film maker, the ‘Create your own animated video’ session is where you can learn more about animation and digital storytelling.

The key thing to remember is that by reaching out of your comfort zone to try something new, you may discover a new passion or even a career path. So what are you waiting for?

We hope to see you there! 

All the sessions mentioned above are available to learners aged 19+ of all abilities, and are being held at various times and locations across Leeds and West Yorkshire. 

A full programme of the Lifelong Learning Week’s events and further information can be found here.

Did You Know?
Did you know we have 541,720,573 resources at Leeds City College?

Did you know we have 541,720,573 resources at Leeds City College?

The resources include books, journals, e-books, videos, encyclopedias and more. These resources are the combined total number of resources at Joseph Priestley Centre, Beeston, Rothwell Centre, The Annexe, Printworks Campus and Park Lane Campus. We also have 12,277 e-books across Leeds City College libraries and more than 500,000 videos!

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