Artist in Residence inspires young artists

10th December 2018

Artist in Residence at Leeds City College, Levi Hanes, delivered a day-long workshop to a group of Year 10 art students at Cockburn John Charles Academy, who have a keen interest in the subject.

The workshop was part of a wider project to engage students in the subject and encourage collaboration. It included a drawing and sculpture task where students got to think ‘outside the box’ and produce individual and group pieces for display.

Artist in Residence

The venture explored techniques of experimental drawing, using unconventional tools and pattern recognition, through cutting out select images found in the drawing and working in groups to construct three-dimensional objects from the resultant shapes.

Levi said: “The project did not require the students to have previous drawing or sculpture skills, only a willingness to try-out new ideas and work as a group, in pairs, as well as independently.”

Born and raised in America, Levi is a recipient of a range of art awards including the Hope Scott Trust, Glasgow Visual Artists Award, and the Arts Council, Ireland Visual Artist Bursary Award.

In 2017 he received his Ph.D. as one of the pioneering practice-based Irish Research Scholars at the National University of Ireland, Galway on the subject of slapstick in contemporary art practice. He holds a Master of Fine Art (MFA) with Distinction from the Glasgow School of Art.

Levi’s artwork includes photography, painting, sculpture, installation and performance to video.

If you think your students would benefit from one of Levi’s workshops, please contact the School Liaison Team at

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