SKILLUP to Cybersecurity

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Understand, protect and prevent

Course Information

With the world’s continuously increasing reliance on technology, the threats
to our systems become more sophisticated. This eight-week course will equip you
with the knowledge to recognise potential threats and the skills to prevent

You will learn about system vulnerabilities and the tools and techniques used
to protect users from threats, including loss of data, loss of data integrity
and unauthorised access to data. Through investigation of accidental, as well as
malicious, security threats, you will learn to protect against botnets, zero-day
attacks, rootkits and much more.


Who is this course for?

Designed for anyone with an interest in cybercrime and cybersecurity, this course can be combined with additional units or qualifications to provide a comprehensive programme of learning. Knowledge of cybersecurity and expertise surrounding prevention of cybercrime is highly attractive to employers and this course would suit those looking to enter, or progress within, this field.

Units / Modules

Cyber Security Award Level 2

Benefits / Skills

You will gain essential personal and business knowledge of current cybersecurity threats. You will learn how to mitigate these current threats and gain understanding of the laws surrounding data protection. Skills and knowledge relating to cybersecurity are beneficial both on a personal level and for career progression.

Assessment Types

You will produce a portfolio of evidence comprising audio recording, presentation and an assignment.

Career Progression

Upon completion, you may wish to study the subject further by taking our Level 3 Cyber Security Practices qualification, alternatively you could undertake a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship.

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Course Details


8 Weeks

Study Type

Part time

Course Code


[lmi 78502]

Course Facts

Labour Market

Understand cyber threats


Understand protection methods

Trips and Opportunities

Understand the legal requirements for businesses

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